Ground Rules and Expectations

  • This community is for YOU to share your tobacco control successes and challenges and to learn more about tobacco control in general. To ensure a safe learning environment and maximize the potential for this community, please follow these easy ground rules and expectations:

    • Share experiences and ask questions. Ask as many questions as you would like and share your own challenges, lessons learned, and successes related to tobacco control and prevention to contribute to an atmosphere of problem solving. Draw from your own experiences instead of generalizing (e.g., For example, use "I", instead of "they," "we," and "you").
    • Create an environment of trust and respect. Listen and respond to one another with open and constructive minds. Contributions should contain thoughtful, appropriate, non-threatening language. All defamatory, derogatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are prohibited and may be removed.
    • Use clear language. Use short, clear sentences and commonly-used words to describe complex terminology and avoid using acronyms or obscure expressions without a definition or an explanation.

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